Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop Disney Style! (7/27)

Thanks for stopping by my 1st Wordless Wednesday!
Also Please Vote on Aiden's Poll to the right about your favorite ride!
Photo By: My Mommy Delia!


  1. Always reminds me of the Lion King.. "sing something" "it's a small world" "no, no, anything but that"

    Now following!

  2. HAHAHAHAHA Great Disney minds think alike my kiddies and I were singing that as I was posting the photos :)

  3. Really great pics, I love this ride. It's always our go to when the lines are long on others..
    Stop by and sat HI

  4. Hi Rebecca, Congrats on your 1st Wordless Wednesday! I voted for Space Mountain on your poll- I see I have some company! It's a Small World was a close second in my mind... :D

  5. Hi Diane and Thanks everyone for the great comments! Thanks for voting, I'm happy Space Moutain is in the lead because my son Aiden is afraid to go on. But when I told him it was in the lead he said he's thinking about trying it out! Yay!! :)