Sunday, July 3, 2011

Potty Training A Princess

I've always heard that potty training girls was way easier than putting training boys. When potty training my son Aiden it only took one week when I put my mind to it for him to get it down. I know every child is different and believe me my two children are as different as they come. Knowing Alyssa's wonderful personality and determination I thought it was going to be a cinch. Alyssa is an extremely intelligent child and I'm not just saying that because I'm her mother,okay maybe but what mother wouldn't. :-)
But when it comes to this potty training, Alyssa and I are struggling. We are taking some steps on personalizing it and make it fun for her. Because Alyssa is a Princess she had to have something that was fit for royalty, Disney Princess Magical Sounds Potty Seat by The First Years. It is the most adorable thing ever, it's very girly and with one press of a button Alyssa is a able to tell me when she is done . The seat is extremely soft which is a plus because my son's potty seat was a hard plastic one.

I also use Pull-ups Training Pants  because of the wonderful Princess designs and we tell her her not to potty on the Princesses. She was very pleased to receive her Big Kids call from Cinderella telling her what a great job she was doing so far and to keep up the good work.
For a limited time you can get a free call from a Disney Princess or a Disney/Pixar Car's character by heading over to it is a wonderful way to encourage your child in this potty training process. 

Alyssa has her good days and bad days, but she's not quite getting it down. She will stay dry if I continue to put her on myself but she does not tell me when she needs to go. I have tried putting on a timer every 15 minutes and sometimes she's dry, sometimes she's not. Another thing she struggling with is "number two". I'm trying an reward system, and on special occasions such as staying dry all day, telling when she has to go, and using "number two" on the potty seat Alyssa will get rewarded with M&M's.Using an old spaghetti jar I washed and some stickers I found at the dollar store that are Disney Princess that have motivational messages. We decorated her reward jar and filled it up with M&M's.I also uses as a teaching tool for her, before she receives M&M she has to tell me what colors.

One other thing that I am really looking forward to is the Potty Training Timer. I think this is a wonderful ideal because it helps her become independent in her potty training process, also she loves watches and it's a Disney Princess so a big plus.

 Hopefully we will be able to get our Princess be to a "Potty Pro" soon so she can wear her big girl underwear. If you have any suggestions, tips or great stories about your potty training journey feel free to leave a comment I'll love to hear from you. Sharing is caring and I need some help! :)

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