Thursday, June 30, 2011

About me...

Hello everyone! My name is Rebecca and I am a mother of two. Aiden and Alyssa,who are my Pirate and Princess. I've been reading blogs for a while now and love following many bloggers on twitter. But with the limit of a 140 characters via twitter I'm unable to express my thoughts and feelings about some of the topics discussed about Disney. So I decided to start a blog and share my views, ideals and experiences not only about Disney but about life in general. Raising two kids as a full-time stay-at-home mom, things can get pretty interesting and one way or another Disney plays some kind of part in our daily life. It can be something simple as watching Toy story 3, reading Jungle Book before bed, letting Alyssa where her Minnie dress, Aiden asking us what are favorite ride is in WDW, checking vacation specials and of course reading my fellow Disney lovers' blogs. I hope you enjoy my thoughts and share yours with me.